CAD blocks for professionals. From professionals...

CAD libraries at CADlibris

You can find here different predefined blocks and symbol libraries, associated data tables, desrciptions, producer and suplier links.

Graphical files are prepared for transfering to your CAD environment or download. For finding required block or table you can use library tree or perform searching in CADlibris database. We present easy data grouping and filtration by required parameters in data tables.

CADlibris is intended to:

  • architects, engineers and drafters - for predefined blocks and data tables
  • producers - for perfect way to present information about production and submit predefined drawings for projects
  • service providers - for perfect way to present information about services
  • managers - for information about services, production, producers and suppliers

CADlibris started-up with steel tables and will be filled with new sections. Be the first company presented production at the new sections of CADlibris!

Drawing easy

CADlibris offers easy way to drop your production drawings into projects. Graphical and additional data tables are created in a user-friendly interface. Just one click and prepared detail or block can be inserted into drawing. Additional data helps quickly find-out required block and it's parameters. CADlibris is your products supplier and drafters time saver.

Client data fields helps to find producer or send inquire regarding represented production.

CADlibris offers to enter additional client data, stored with every library:

  • client logo
  • client name
  • client location
  • client website
  • client email

Let's make your production visible at CADlibris!

Autodesk i-drop® technology

i-drop icon

Autodesk i-drop® technology gives you the ability to drag-n-drop content from the web straight into your drawing session. Autodesk design products and Internet Explorer 5.x+ must be installed.

Get prepared

After downloading and installing the i-drop indicator, test it out with the CADlibris icon below. If you're not sure if you have the i-drop indicator, simply move your cursor over the icon:

  (non-IE users will not see it.) If you see the i-drop pointer when you mouse-over an icon, you're all set


Select the icon using your left mouse button and hold. Drag it into your Autodesk product directly. Then release the left mouse button to download the content.

download icon If you are using other browser than Internet Explorer – you can download dwg files and insert it into your drawing manually.