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CADlibris.com fees

One-time business card registration fee.
Depends on registration date and is increasing every day.
Today's price is 89.34 EUR (123.39 USD, 308.47 LTL). VAT is not included.

Block table annual fee.
Depends on registration fee and is decreasing every next year.
1st year – 89.34 EUR per table (123.39 USD, 308.47 LTL)
2nd year – 44.67 EUR per table (61.69 USD, 154.24 LTL)
3rd year – 29.78 EUR per table (41.13 USD, 102.82 LTL)
4th year – 22.34 EUR per table (30.85 USD, 77.12 LTL)
5th year and the rest – 17.87 EUR per table (24.68 USD, 61.69 LTL)


  • Yes, time is money...
  • Block table editing fee depends on Business card registration fee for every editing.
  • Customer can edit it's Business card data at any time for free of charge.
  • If drawings and database conform to library requirements, there are no additional fee for table creation. In other case additional formatting services available.
  • Customer can stop tables maintenance at any moment. In that case table remains in library for prepaid period.
  • Additionally professional drafting services are available. Cost per one drawing – from 1 EUR.


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