CAD library services

Our Goal

  • Main goal of this web site is standard production drawings (blocks) sharing between producers, drafters and designers.
  • CAD library stores for downloading of various types of standard drawings.
  • Drawings related database and useful parameters filtering system makes it easy to find required blocks in library.
  • Database can be used independently from drawings library if download is not required.
  • Producers Business card – contact data and description stored with every graphical data table for links and enquires.
  • User (drafter) can download predefined drawings for free.
  • Including of graphical and parametric database into united environment saves user's time.


  • Companies who aim to make production drawings available for using in CAD systems.
  • Customers Business card is stored in every provided graphical data table.


  • Designers, drafters.
  • Customers seeking for production technical data.
  • Customers seeking for suppliers.
  • Academic society for educational purposes.

i-drop demo

Download CAD library dragn-and-drop demo (.avi, 5.8 MB)


  • Created web site for CAD libraries
  • Blocks are systematized in library and added into graphical tables.
  • All drawings are prepared for downloading.
  • Availability in real time to „drag-n-drop“ block from web site to drawing.
  • Additional information about production drawings available.
  • Every block has link to it's table, so user can return for contents or additional information from producer at any time.


  • Worldwide web services available.
  • Promotional services – Customers links and contact data publishing.
  • Drafting services – drawing preparation for library.
  • CAD library services – drawings entry into web library and maintaining.
  • News services – purposeful information for CAD library users.

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